Cenotes were formed during times of low sea level during the Pleistocene glacial pulses. Cenotes are, in most cases, widening of complex underground river networks. In these, seawater, denser than fresh, can penetrate the bottom of the water table.

For this reason, there are cenotes in which from a certain depth the water goes from fresh to salty, even many kilometers from the coast. This contact surface between fresh and marine water is called halocline, and it causes interesting visual effects.

The cenotes, also known as places where Mayan sacrifices were carried out, this is why they are considered sacred, it is said that swimming in the water of a cenota, purifies you and transforms your energy immediately, their low temperatures also help to good circulation and have an improvement in skin damage.

In our BUGGY TOUR PLAYA DEL CARMEN, you will have a refreshing swim in a beatifull fresh water cave also called a cenote. The water is christal clear, and this is cenote is located in the middle of the jungle, which means that this cenote is not overcrowded. Our tourguides will give you some cultural explanations about the history of those cenotes.