Buggy Tour Playa del Carmen was born more than 7 years ago, we are pioneers in Buggy tours, being the first to carry out this activity in the Riviera Maya, we have received thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Our goal has always been, in addition to living a moment of great adrenaline, where our clients drive their own buggies in the jungle, to show them the cultural and exciting side of our Mayan culture. On this tour we will take you to explore the Mayan jungle from the inside, we know the fauna, flora and the various wonders that the jungle hides. A big part of the experience is swimming in a private crystalline cenote with a cave, the cenotes are a very important part of the Mayan culture since ceremonies and sacrifices were carried out in them, so it is said that immersing yourself in its crystal clear waters always With the permission of the Mayan gods and all the respect they deserve, they will cleanse your soul and all your energy will flow in an incredible way.

Our tour also offers visitors the possibility of interacting with a local Mayan community, which we help with food, toys, clothing, etc., in each tour we invite our clients to be part of this extraordinary work that drastically changes the life of these people, who in return give our visitors delicious local food and refreshing juices, all made by the community itself.

We renew from time to time with completely new buggies, so on your visit, you will be driving inside the jungle in the comfort of a 100% new vehicle.


The Riviera Maya will never cease to amaze you ... With its more than 120 km of extension, its crystal clear turquoise waters, its white sand beaches, cenotes, majestic archaeological sites, natural and thematic parks unique in the world, as well as magnificent hotels and an exquisite gastronomy.

The Riviera Maya is one of the best known tourist areas in Mexico, and even around the world. Its fame transcends so much that this stretch of coast is sometimes better known than the state where it is located, Quintana Roo, in the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Jetties on the beaches of Riviera Maya

Its sum of Mayan archaeological sites, its paradisiacal white sand beaches, its seabed, the delight of divers or its succulent cuisine invite you to visit it without haste, forgetting when we should return from a relaxed vacation.

The stretch that limits the Riviera Maya begins south of Cancun from Puerto Morelos and Playa del Secreto to Punta Allen (within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve), 130 km to the south. Off the coast, the island of Cozumel is an Eden within a Caribbean paradise.

We are committed to caring for and preserving the Mayan jungle, please, during the tour we ask you not to leave garbage, not to cut trees and not to touch or feed animals.